Horsepower Summer Social Skills Horse Camp Ages 7 to 11

This summer horse camp is designed to help your child get back on track and practice the skills they need not only to succeed academically but also to be kind, resilient and successful at home and in relationships.  We give them fun and unique opportunities to practice relationship skills by working  with our horses.  Not only will your child learn about emotional and social skills, we integrate brain science so they can understand  how their brain works and how that is vital to their ability to do well in life. Many of our parents have told us that they love how how we make the latest brain science fun and understandable for children of all ages.  

As a parent you can feel confident that your child isn’t just hearing about these skills but practicing them!  Since horses don’t lie they will know  when they have succeeded. The children and teens we work have said they feel incredibly powerful when they are able to lead a strong and beautiful 1000 lb horse! You can also be confident that our program is based on  research that shows that the ability to manage emotions and social situations is more vital to future success than IQ. These so called “soft skills” are becoming more rare and are highly sought after by employers and colleges. For those working or heading to college they will learn valuable work skills that will set them apart from their peers.

We are offering our Horsepower Summer Camp Intensive for a small number of children and teens. Each camp will only have a maximum of 8 children. Click below to register for the Camp!

The HorsePower Camp focuses on developing the skills of Responsibility, Respect, Relationship Skills, Empathy, Boundaries and Choices and Consequences. The best part is that these skills are not just “taught” but practiced with the horses! It is a fun and unforgettable way to learn valuable social and emotional skills necessary to succeed in life. Activities are all ground-based. No horse experience needed.


Jun 14 - 18 2021


9;30 to 12:30 pm Monday through Friday
9:30 am - 12:30 pm



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The Ranch of Hope Reisn
45W107 Dietrich Rd Hampshire, IL 60140


Debra Hirschberg, LCSW
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