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parenting in space logoWhen your child came home, to your home, to join his or her family, it’s easy for me to imagine the great and simple hopes and dreams you may have had for your life together: sharing love, knowledge, and delightful experiences.

And many have been blessed and fortunate with an abundance of those experiences.

And some have not. Some have experienced an over-abundance of frustration, tension and pain brought on by the emotions and behaviors of a child who feels out-of-control.

What many of us have learned in the past few years is that those emotional and behavioral problems were likely caused by trauma your child experienced prenatally through the age of three, the most critical time in everyone’s development as a human.

And we have learned that the trauma CAN be healed.

That’s why, five years ago, House Calls Counseling created the Parenting in SPACE conference – to support parents in the healing of their children.

Essentially, Parenting in SPACE focuses on the art of therapeutic parenting, a parenting approach which encourages parents to use as many interactions with their kids as possible to help their kids heal.

Parenting in SPACE helps parents learn how early childhood trauma negatively impacts the neural network in the brain. It provides a tool chest of techniques that therapeutic parents across the country successfully use to regulate their children’s emotions and behaviors. And those same tools, over time, can enable the minds of their children to heal from those early childhood wounds.

Equally as important, the conference connects parents with other parents who have children with challenging emotional and behavioral problems caused by developmental trauma, because no parent should feel alone, and too many do.

Since this is a conference for parents, let me share with you a “collage” of what some of them have said about it:

left quotes compressed 100x66.pngParenting in SPACE was a wonderful experience! The training was exceptional because it was very engaging and demonstrative. The presenters explained concepts in clear, concise fragments and dared us to move away from ineffective parenting. I gained a better understanding of ‘why’ our kids act-out. And the generosity of the staff in answering questions was so helpful! Thank you for ‘getting’ us.

left quotes compressed 100x66.pngIt was also great meeting parents of children who have common issues in a way that was fun and open and safe. I really liked the validation they offered, learning new strategies from them, and new ways to cope and heal.

For more information about the conference, which will be held April 8-10, 2016 at Techny Towers in Northbrook, Illinois, or to register, go to

And did I mention that for the month of December you, a CAFFA member, get a 10% discount off the early-bird rates if you use the code “CAFFA2016” before December 31? I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that!!!

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