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SOS Children's VillagesYou’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois (SOSCVI), they fully embrace and put that adage into daily practice.

SOSCVI is a nonprofit child welfare and foster care agency under the umbrella of SOS Children’s Villages International, the largest non-denominational child welfare agency in the world and recipient of numerous Nobel Prize nominations.

SOSCVI’s focus in Illinois is a unique model of foster care centered around keeping sibling groups together and employing the professional Foster Parent. SOCSVI Foster Parents are dedicated individuals who commit to a job as a full-time, professional Foster Parent: they live in one of three Village communities in a single-family home and take care of brothers and sisters. They receive support from the aid and resources provided by Village staff, therapists, mentors, volunteers, continued training, as well as other Foster Parents. SOSCVI believes “it takes a village” and is proud to provide a stable and supportive space for healing and rebuilding without having to separate siblings.

The reality is that the organization faces an immediate need for committed and mission-driven Foster Parents to care for the children placed in their care. It takes an exceptionally dedicated person to answer this call to not just a job, but a vocation.

If you or someone you know is like-minded, vocation- and service-driven, and compelled to join their call to action, please visit to find out more. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois welcomes you to join and spread the word about the SOSCVI community on Facebook and Twitter, and looks forward to connecting.

More information is included in this brochure:  SOS Children’s Villages Illinois – Foster Parents

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