ReMoved Film – A Very Powerful Foster Care Story

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ReMoved Film Foster Care AdoptionNathanael Matanick and his wife are foster parents as well as filmmakers.  In response to their experiences, they created a series of films called ReMoved. The films tell the story of a young girl entering the foster care system – told from her point of view.

Their goal with the films is to help provide insight to the broader public about the experience of foster care from the point of view of the child in care.  And also to be a voice for, and to encourage the people who have gone through foster care.

I watched the first film and have to say – I was amazed at how powerful this approximately 15 minute film was.  Don’t ask me how many times I teared up and had to stop watching the film to gather myself together.  It illustrates that the efforts everyone in the adoption quartet is making (adoptive parents, adopted persons, birthparents, and professionals) are so important to making the world a better place for children.

The films have been doing well at film festivals, but most encouraging has been the feedback from social workers, foster parents, and most importantly, foster youth and foster alum who felt that it represented their experience and their emotions, sometimes when they hadn’t even understood their own experience:

“This film captures so much of what foster care is really like.”

“As a foster alum this says things I don’t have the words to say. thank you.”

“The one video every social service agency should own.”

Warning:  The videos have very powerful and emotional messages and imagery.

Watch Now:

If you feel that these videos could benefit the work you’re involved with for training or raising awareness, or even fundraising, you can learn about downloading and licensing the film here:  On top of being a valuable resource, the license fee helps the creators create more films like this.

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